Fred Griffin: 8 Main Gripes on The MLS by other Realtors!

8 Main Gripes on The MLS by other Realtors!

     As Realtors, we must be respectful of other Agents who want to show one of our Listings. Putting inaccurate information in the Multiple Listing Service is NOT respectful.  Impeding Showings so that we can "get both sides" is not respectful; it is unethical and rude (and probably a violation of your Fiduciary to the Seller). 

     We must be careful to put accurate Information in the MLS!  We must return phone calls from Showing Agents promptly.  We must not hide the keys to the house, nor make it difficult to get inside!  

     As Professionals, we Realtors must do the right thing!


My 8 Gripes on the MLS by Other Realtors


My 8 Complaints on the MLS by Other Realtors


Yesterday I was showing property and had done my research and found all the codes if not Supra boxes, location of boxes and  met up with my clients to show 6 houses. Below is some of the things I found and it really made me angry. We must be more accurate on the MLS and have respect for other Realtors who are showing properties.



Location of SUPRA Boxes- Make sure the box location is correct so agents are not searching behind bushes looking for the box when the MLS says 'Front Door'. Also when you write 'Supra Box' and they get there and it is really a combo box instead. This is so mean as to waste other agent's time when they cannot get it. When we got to this one house, my clients were also looking in the bushes too until we found the box.

Correct Combo Codes- Make Sure You Give out the correct Combo Code. I found one house to show and the MLS said to text your DRE number and the address so they texted back the access code. When I tried to open the box, it wouldn't open. I texted back the agent and about 15 minutes later, they texted me another code but by that time, we were already at another house.

Call for Alarm Code- I found another property in the MLS that said "Call me for the alarm code before showing" so I left a message for the agent and 10 hours later at 8 pm the agent sent me the code. Too late now! If an agent is going to put this type of message in the MLS, they should respond faster so that others can show the properties to their clients. Isn't that what they want; for a buyer to submit an offer?

Wrong Map Location- Of the 6 houses I showed Saturday, 2 had the wrong location. Many streets break up so you have to know the cross streets or you are driving around for hours looking for the address. The MLS puts a pin where it thinks it is but the agent must check this and correct it if wrong. It is not difficult to fix and makes agents look stupid when they get to the wrong location.

No Front Picture of Home in MLS- This is a violation of our MLS but still some agents have the main picture of the kitchen and no front picture. I like to know what the house looks like when I drive down the street as many recently are not putting up signs.

No Sign on Property- Why in the world do you not post a sign on the property? I have sold many listing from people just driving down the street and calling me to inquire about the home. It makes it so much easier for the agents who are showing the property and gives your seller a better chance to get a good offer for their home.

Description but no Picture- Agents will write "Beautiful Pool" or "Backyard like a Park" and their will be 8 pictures total and 3 are of the front yard (front, right side, left side). Why not include a pool or backyard picture?

Updating Status of Property- I will see comments like "no need to call as status is updated daily" so you get to the property and the seller tells you "Oh we accepted an offer last week". Sometimes when you call an agent and ask, they chew your head off and say didn't your read my comments about updating daily?

As Realtors, we must be respectful to others who go to the trouble of showing our listings. We must all be more careful and accurate. I personally know of a few agents who never leave keys in the boxes and will say "Oh I guess someone took them" but they never replace the keys. I just never show their properties now as they are just waiting to double end their listings.  But we need to be respectful to others and make it easy to show the properties.

 In our MLS, we as Realtors have a way to click on the MLS and report an inaccurate listing but why should we have to do this? Why can't all Realtors be professional and do the right thing?  isn't that what it is all about?

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You know, Fred, in a perfect world none of this would happen, but we live in a greedy real estate society that wants it all.  It is shameful.  Down here a lot of agents don't even put in the directions, period, much less the wrong ones.

Posted by Morris Massre, Real Estate Instructor Broward County Florida almost 7 years ago

We have a "Report A Violation" feature in our MLS.  If a listing agent commits or repeats violations, they WILL BE FINED.

That will get their attention.

It sure does get old, though doesn't it???

Posted by Lenn Harley, Real Estate Broker - Virginia & Maryland (Lenn Harley,, MD & VA Homes and Real Estate) almost 7 years ago

Hi Fred,

I liked what you wrote and you are so right. We need to maintain our professionalism and help each other out. Isn't that what it is all about? Listing and Selling each others properties but I suspect there is more to it like holding onto a home until the agent can double end it and not deal with others. Very sad indeed!

Posted by Kristin Hamilton CA Realtor, (909) 557-6966- Specialize 55+ Communties Banning (Sun Lakes Realty) almost 7 years ago


We always try to treat other agents properties the way we hope they treat ours.  Couldn't agree more about no outisde photo.  I usually use that when targeting expireds.

Posted by Wayne and Jean Marie Zuhl, The Last Names You'll Ever Need in Real Estate (Samsel & Associates) almost 7 years ago

Fred, There is a Code of Ethics for a reason and a ficuciary responsibility to our "customers".  I do not think enough of us report these violations as we feel that we would not get anywhere with it (at least that is how I feel!)

Posted by Christine O'Shea (Christine E O'Shea Broker) almost 7 years ago

Good morning Fred, I hate when I get to a home and information is incorrect or you find there isn't a key in the lock box and you call the listing agent and they say "I'll be bringing it by later today"....crazy

Location of lock box is very important to have correct and access codes.

Posted by Bob Ratliff, "Sold with Bob" (Robert Ratliff Realty) almost 7 years ago

Fred, great re-blog.  It's said what some agents are or may be doing....

Posted by Pat & Steve Pribisko (Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West) almost 7 years ago

These are item that can be annoying to another agent trying to show the property.  However sometimes no sign on the property can be at the request of the seller.

Posted by Jennifer Fivelsdal, Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection ( JFIVE Home Realty LLC | 845-758-6842|162 Deer Run Rd Red Hook NY 12571) almost 7 years ago

Hi Fred, few months ago I shown a vacant house with  alarm code.  The showing instruction was I needs to unarmed once I entered the house. I did, however the alarm came on and I entered the code again and it stopped. When the buyers enter to the bedroom the alarm came on again. I called the agent - no response, I can her office nobody can help. It happened repeatedly until the cop came and took my name and ID# and real estate licensed # . The buyer said"I had enough of this house, let's go"   It was so embarrassed.

Posted by Kwee Huset, Venice Florida Homes For Sale (Kwee Huset Realty) over 6 years ago