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Showing Etiquette...Is It a Thing of The Past?

You the Realtor arrive at the house where you have a Showing Appointment.  The Seller has prepared the house for you.  But upon seeing the house, the Buyer says, "I don't want to look at that house!"  Do you go inside anyway?  Do you call the Seller?  Or do you just drive off?





Agent showing etiquetteOne of my sellers called me today to vent (and I don't blame her, by the way).  Seems as though some agents think it's ok to schedule a showing with the seller, then leave the seller hanging with a "No Show".  No call, no nothing. 

Now, this particular listing backs to a busy road, so I know exactly what's happening.  Agent drives up...and the buyer says "Oh, never mind. I don't want to back to a busy road."  Exit agent and the buyer, stage left.

The seller in the meantime has prepared her home for the showing.  She's turned on all the lights, turned on the pool water feature and put her little dog in the car as they pull up.  She opens the garage door only to see them driving away. 

7 lashes with a wet noodle to you, rude agent. 

How about a return to the days of common courtesy, or just plain human kindness.  How hard is it to make a call to explain to the seller why you didn't come in.  OR BETTER YET....If your buyer doesn't want to back to a busy road, how about checking the map before you schedule the appointment?  Just a thought.

I, too, have had buyers who've decided against touring a home when we drive up.  Usually because the home is in disrepair or the neighborhood isn't to their liking.  If this happens, I always call the seller to explain why we were not going to be visiting their home.  The call is always appreciated.

With all the electronic devices we have today, it seems it would be easier than ever to connect & communicate with people.  Would be nice if people actually did.




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