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Gun Show in Tallahassee this Weekend - Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Ammo, Knives and More

The Gun Show in Tallahassee this weekend is a great chance to stock up on Ammunition, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Knives, and Accessories.  The Show fills two Exhibition Halls at the North Florida Fairgrounds.  Concealed Weapon Permit classes are offered.  The sheer number of Guns on display is overwhelming!

Signs on Window at Gun Show Tallahassee 2011


   Semi-Auto or Good Old-Fashioned Revolver, the Choice is Yours



Handguns on Table at Gun Show TallahasseeHandguns on Table at Gun Show Tallahassee


      These Mossberg Shotguns are priced from $250 to $450

Long Guns for Sale Tallahassee Gun Show 2011



  Ammunition for Sale at Tallahassee Gun Show


      Stock up on Ammunition!

      "Bags" run about 50 cents per round.  "Metal Ammo Boxes of 1000" typically cost about 35 cents per round.











      There are people from all walks of life in attendance.  Children, young people, senior citizens, blacks, whites, Hispanics - it is a perfect representation of "America".  Everyone is in good spirits and enjoying themselves.


Gun Show Tallahassee, Florida September 10-11, 2011


About Buying a Gun in Florida: 

     Federally Licensed Gun Dealers are required to fill out the Federal Government "Brady Bill Paperwork", more formally known as Firearms Transaction Record Form 4473.  If you fill out the form at the Gun Show, they call the NIC and get approval right away.  You can walk out with "Long Guns", but there is a 3-Day Waiting Period for Handguns (unless you possess a Concealed Weapons Permit, or are a Law Enforcement Officer). 

     You can Download the BATF Form 4473 from the BATF Website.



Gun Show Private Sale Tallahassee, Florida


Private Sales between "Non-Dealers" in Florida do not require any BATF Forms or Waiting Period (see an Attorney for Legal Advice regarding Firearms Possession, Firearms Use, and Firearms Laws). 













Guns for Sale at Tallahassee Gun Show

     Classes for Concealed Weapons Permit are held at the Gun Show.  The Classes cover Principles of Marksmanship, overview of Florida Gun Laws, Firearm Safety and Handling of Guns, Background Check, Fingerprinting and Application for the State of Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.


Gun Show Tallahassee, Florida Concealed Weapons Class


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Your Constitutional Right as an American to own Firearms 


United States Constitution Bill of Rights Second Amendment







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