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Moving to Tallahassee? Learn about The Confederate Heritage of Tallahassee, Florida.


Florida seceded from the United States of America in 1861, and became part of the Confederate States of America.  Tallahassee, Florida's Capital City, successfully defended itself against the invading Union Army in 1865Tallahassee is the only Confederate Capital east of the Mississippi River that remained unconquered by Lincoln's Armies.


     As you drive south from Thomasville, Georgia on US Highway 319, you are on "The Plantation Parkway". 

     As you cross the Florida State Line into Leon County (Tallahassee), the road becomes "The Dixie Highway".  On your right is the dedication marker - General Robert E. Lee sits astride his horse, Traveler, cast on a bronze plaque set upon a white marble stone.  

     Yes, you are in Florida... but you are still very much in the Deep South.

Dixie Highway Marker on US 319 Tallahassee General Robert E. Lee



Governors of Florida sign Order of Secession 1861


Florida was the 3rd State to secede from The United States of America, in 1861

The Order of Secession was signed in Tallahassee

Florida soon joined the  Confederate States of America










  West Florida Cadet William Denham of Monticello, Florida


Florida State University was a Seminary, but in 1860-1861 it was converted into the Florida Military and Collegiate Institute.




William Denham of Monticello, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



    In the quiet "Country Club" neighborhood of Tallahassee, there is a City Park appropriately named "Old Fort Park".  The Historic Marker tells the story of this strategically placed Fort.

Old Fort Park Historic Marker Tallahassee, Florida Side 1


Old Fort Park Historic Marker Tallahassee, Florida Side 2


Old Fort Park in Tallahassee, Florida




Old Fort City Park

Tallahassee, Florida
















The Battle of Natural Bridge saved the City of Tallahassee

 Natural Bridge Historic Marker

     When lookouts at the St. Marks Lighthouse reported Yankee Gunboats unloading troops onto the Coast, the brave men of Tallahassee assembled en masse.  These Confederates included the young Cadets from the Military Institute, and a fraternity of older men known as "The Gadsden Grays" (these gents were veterans of the War of 1812, and of the Seminole Indian Wars of the early 1800's). 

     The Southerners met Union General John Newton and his 1000 troops at an unusual geographic formation on the St. Mark's River known as "Natural Bridge".   The Confederates completely routed the Union Army.

     In March of each year, there is a Re-Enactment of the Battle

Natural Bridge Re-Enactment each March







     The Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee has an impressive collection of Confederate Flags, Uniforms, Guns, Swords, and other artifacts.



   Florida in the Civil War Banner at Museum of Florida History


Confederate Flag at Museum of Florida History

Confederate Uniform at Museum of Florida History




Uniform of a Confederate Officer worn during the Civil War



















     Tallahassee is rich in Confederate History.  Visit the Museums, visit the Historic Sites, stop at the Confederate Monuments.  Attend the Re-Enactment of the Battle of Natural Bridge.  Get a sense of "what really happened" during that sad, heroic, and tragic time in American History.





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