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Why is Blackberry Crashing Worldwide? Is it a Conspiracy? What is Really Going On?

Blackberry is crashing worldwide.  Wall Street Journal reports, "Disruptions to Research in Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry service continued around the world for a third-consecutive day, with problems spreading Wednesday into the company's giant North American and Asian markets".  RIM blames the problem on a failed switch or backup, according to CNET



WSJ on Blackberry Crash October 2011

WSJ Blackberry Crash

WSJ Blackberry Crash




     What is causing the Blackberry Crash

    Are World Governments conspiring to Take Down RIM?

       According to Wikipedia, "Some countries have expressed reservations about BlackBerry's strong encryption and the fact that data is routed through Research In Motion's servers, which are outside the legal jurisdictions of those countries".


     Wikipedia says that, "The United Arab Emirates considers the BlackBerry a "security threat".  When questioned in a BBC Click interview about how Research in Motion has responded to the demands of India and other governments in the Middle East, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis objected to the questioning and said the interview was over. 


     Other countries threatening to ban the use of the BlackBerry Messenger include Algeria, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.



Blackberry has the Most Secure Encryption of any Smart Phone



  President Obama


President Obama uses a Blackberry. 



So do the British Police.  It is the preferred device of many in the Financial World and Business World. 


RIM has the most secure encryption of any "Smart Phone".

Governments cannot break RIM's encryption; they cannot spy on Blackberry Users














ZDNet Article on Blackberry Secure Encryption


The Propaganda War against RIM started months ago:

   You may have noticed the recent "Propaganda War" against RIMNews Stories, even on Tech Websites, have been hammering away at RIM.  "Blackberry is no longer reliable."  "The Stock Value of RIM is going down."  "Blackberry is not popular with the Young Generation; they prefer iPhones and Droids." 

     Negative Stories about RIM have been increasing across the Internet.


     And now comes the Blackberry Crash of October 2011Reuters reports, "A three-day disruption to BlackBerry services spread to North America on Wednesday, frustrating users of the Research In Motion devices just two days before rival Apple's new iPhone 4S goes on sale."





* * * * *  What is REALLY going on?  * * * * *


New York Daily News on Blackberry Outage


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