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Kodak Email Print App and Google Cloud Printing could have Saved me Grief in a Long Distance Transaction!

A recent transaction involved a house in Florida, Sellers in a New England state, and a Buyer from a Western state.  Long Distance transactions like this have become easier over the past decade, thanks to Technology.  But not this time.  None of the parties were Tech Savvy

     The Buyer could not program a microwave oven timer (sorry, but it's true).  When I mentioned "Copies" to the elderly Sellers, they said, "Oh, you mean a Mimeograph!" 

Mimeograph, circa World War II





Mimeograph, aka Stencil Duplicator, circa World War II

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons






     Okay, no problem.  We'll do it the old-fashioned way, using a Copier, and send the copies by Snail Mail or Overnight Service.  Time consuming and expensive, but that's how we did it when I started in Real Estate.






US Postal Service Mail Truck


    The Copier will Get the Job Done











     Snail Mail can deliver the Copies








      But this went from Bad to Worse. 

     The Title Company called; there were serious Title Problems.  Extensions and other addenda had to be signed as the time dragged on.  The Seller and Buyer wanted copies of every update, every notice.  They had both hired Attorneys at this point, and those Lawyers also wanted copies of everything.


     The paperwork for this increasingly complex transaction was being cranked out by the ream!


      I also had to send many of the documents to my own office back in Tallahassee (this sale was occurring in South Florida).


    We finally did Close the Deal.




      Today, scenarios like this can be avoided with a Kodak Email Print App, and Google Cloud Printing Service

      With an email address assigned to the Printer, you can send documents and photos from anywhere, using any email capable, internet connected device. 


Kodak Hero 9.1 All-in-One Printer

Google Cloud Printing



















      I encourage you to get the Kodak Email Print App, and invest in a Kodak Hero 9.1 All-in-One Printer.  

     Don't wait another day.  Get the Kodak Email Print App, and learn how to use it with Google Cloud Printing Service!


This blog post is for the Kodak and ActiveRain 'Printing on the Go' Challenge. You have a chance to win some great prizes from Kodak




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