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I Do Not Work 24 Hours, 7 Days Per Week - And I'm PROUD Of It!

Bill Kennedy, who authored this Blog, received a call at 9:15PM on a Saturday Night.  He explained to the caller that he was with family, it was too late to be working.  Bill would gladly call back on Monday.  The person on the other end became irate, and hung up the phone.


     What are your thoughts?  Would you have taken the call and "worked" anyway? Are you on call 24/7?  Or do you have set hours for "business"?


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The Comments and Responses to Bill's Blog were varied and interesting. 










     Some suggested that, "These are tough Economic Times, I will take whatever business comes my way, at whatever time it comes my way." 

    Others stated that they set aside time for family, for self, and that they would return calls or conduct business later.


    An interesting and thought-provoking Blog!


     So how about you?  Do you keep Bankers' Hours?  Do you work 24/7?  Do you take Days Off?




Tonight I am going to vent just a bit here on my blog, which is my right since I am the writer.  Should you choose to continue reading, I implore you to determine if I was completely out of bounds, or within the realm of reason.

This evening I was enjoying a wonderful time with friends and family at a local corn maze.  After successfully traversing the non-haunted side, we were taking a short break before venturing into the haunted portion.  At 9:15pm my phone goes off, showing a restricted number.  My rule of thumb is to not answer restricted calls, but for whatever reason, I decided to. 

When I answered, a gentleman (for lack of a more appropriate term) asked if I was a real estate agent.  I said that yes, I was, and asked how I could help him.  He started asking me if I did coaching, and what my coaching entailed (I made the assumption that he was a real estate agent as well).  I told him that yes, I did do coaching, but that it was 9:15pm on a Saturday and I was spending time with family and friends. I explained that it was too late to be working.

His reply?  "Oh, 9:15 isn't too late to work.  Let me ask you a few questions."

I stopped him there, and asked for a number to call him back at "on Monday".  I told him I'd be more than happy to help him out, but not at that moment.

He proceeded to make a smart (aleck) comment about how a person who wasn't serious about working couldn't possibly be a good coach, and hung up the phone.  

Mystery man, if you are reading, please grab a pencil and write this down:

Coaching Lesson #1: PROTECT YOUR "YOU" TIME

The most important time in the week is the time that you set aside for you.  It is not the time you lead generate, follow-up, or attend closings.  It is not the time that you spend perfecting your systems.  The MOST important time each week is your YOU time. 

Think about it - if your business is more important than your kid's soccer game, you really need to examine your priorities.  If you have to stop traipsing around a corn maze because you need to make a quick follow-up call, then you need to check your time management.  If you were spending ALL of your time in corn mazes you'd either be lazy or lost, but that's not the case for most of us - we're just enjoying down time.

Everyone in business for themselves needs to work hard, but that doesn't mean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  You should time block your personal time just like you time block your lead generation time, and DON'T ERASE IT!  If you forego your family, friends and yourself, you burnout quickly.

Your clients understand that you need to take off your REALTOR(R) costume and be yourself! If they don't, you set the wrong expectations up front.  Let them know when they can expect to hear back from you at a moment's notice, and when the cutoff is to hear back the next day. 

So mister Mystery Man, I know I will not be coaching you, but let me assure you this - I won't lose any sleep knowing I lost you, because I made the choice to stick to my guns AND my schedule.

Bill Kennedy

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