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The Market Shift in Tallahassee Real Estate - How Brokers Will Adjust!

Tallahassee was among the last Florida Cities to Crash; we have been among the slowest to recover.  Buyers still have lots of choices in all price ranges; prices are holding steady.  But suddenly we are seeing more houses go "Under Contract", and more houses make it to Closing!  


House For Sale Tallahassee, Florida


     Buyers who are on the Fence

     I saw 9 houses go under contract in one Tallahasse neighborhood LAST WEEK.  Some of those houses have been on the Market for 4 months or longer.  Houses are Selling in Tallahassee!


     Sellers who have been Lurking in The Shadows

     You say you've been waiting for the Market to Return?  We are seeing increased movement and activity in the Tallahassee Real Estate Market.  The Buyers are out there; they are writing Offers!

House For Sale - Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, Florida

     Nationally, there is a Shift in the Real Estate Market.  Decreasing Inventory (number of houses For Sale), Increasing Prices, more Buyers.  The momentum is shifting in favor of the Sellers!


ActiveRain Market Shift Questions to Brokers

1.  How Will This Shift Affect Buyers Agents vs. Seller's Agents?  

     "The Majority of Agents in Tallahassee operate as Transaction Brokers.  I don't see the Shift having any major effect on Agency." 



2.  What Marketing Strategies will you need to Change?

     "This is the time for Real Estate Brokers to be more insistent with Sellers and Buyers.   During the Real Estate Upturn 10 years ago, we saw people make great home-buying decisions.  But at the same time, we saw people miss incredible opportunities, because they hesitated to act."          


3.  What are you already experiencing that is Causing you Grief in your Current Efforts?

     "Not enough Time to get it done!  I will be meeting some business associates next week to discuss hiring another assistant, and possibly take on some Agents."



4.  What Fears, if any, do you have about this change?

       "As the Market returns, more New Agents will enter the Fold.  I welcome entrepreneurs... but I am not happy to see the opportunists and the side-liners who have their eye on what they think is easy commission money.  Inexperienced, unprofessional Real Estate Agents caused many problems during the last Real Estate Upturn."

     "My other concern is for the Buyers and Sellers.  We saw people miss opportunities during the boom of the early 2000's, but we also saw Buyers and Sellers make serious mistakes.  America is still struggling with foreclosures, underwater sellers, Short Sales, and ruined credit caused by poor choices made in the past."   



5.  What are the Top 3 things a Buyer's Agent or Seller's Agent must do to be Successful in the New Market?


     "1.  Brokers and Agents must be extremely Tech Savvy.  The Buying and Selling Public is on the Internet; they are on their Smartphones.  Buyers and Sellers want Digital Photos, Scans, Video, and E-Signatures.  And they want it NOW!"    

       "The Lenders, Title Companies, Appraisers, and other Third Parties also expect Brokers to have a high level of communication skill and technological competence."


     "2.  Brokers must keep up to the minute on Market Statistics, including Time on Market and Sales Price to List Price ratios.  They must stay current on what is For Sale, what is Under Contract, and what has Sold and Closed in their service area." 


     "3.   Real Estate Brokers and Agents must be more Professional than ever!  Today's Buyers and Sellers are very informed and very empowered.  They will see right through an unethical or incompetent Real Estate Agent."


Tallahasee Real Estate For Sale 

     The Tallahassee Real Estate Market is Shifting!  Houses are going under Contract; the number of houses For Sale is decreasing.  Real Estate Brokers and Agents are gearing up for the Return of the Tallahassee Real Estate Market!



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